About Us

Shadow Tactical Protection Corp. is a highly specialized and qualified security and protection corporation founded to address the need of providing the best service. We offer high quality, specialized and personalized security and protection services with grate responsibility, passion and compromise.

Why are we different?

Shadow Tactical Protections Corp. differs from the competition not only because we have the best team and vast knowledge in the security and protection industry, but because we believe and know that each of our clients have a specific need, our personnel is under continuous training and developed with our client need in mind. This brakes us apart and differs us from with the traditional security company.

Our clients can rest assure that our experts will execute and perform in a way they can recover their peace of mind and tranquility.








Our vision is our guide, achieve with our:

Clients- Be the leader in security by recovering trust and peace of mind of our clients.
Employees- Promote a completely different work area that will promote their growth in all areas.


To recover the peace of mind, trust and security to each of our clients by providing unparalleled service with highly trained and specialized personnel to address any adverse situation.


Trust- We maintain cliente’s trust by providing quality services.

Quality- We strive in providing the highest quality service with a positive impact in our clients.

Professionalism- We offer our services with respect and professionalism.

We are Hiring!

Please send your resume to
Shadow Tactical Protection
PO Box 194748
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